2012 Election

Tuesday in the Finance Committee Markup

It’s easy to get in the wonk weeds with health care, so here are a few quick and easy highlights from the first day of the Senate Finance Committee markup that ended around 10 p.m.

President Obama is in the Room

Not really, but his promises are – namely, his health reform promise that “if you like what have, you can keep it” and his campaign pledge not to raise taxes on American families whose income is less than $250,000 year. Republicans are doing their best to keep these promises fresh in everyone’s mind, while pointing out how they …

Baucus Makes $28 Billion in Changes Pre-Mark Up

For all that Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus moved frustratingly slowly the last five months – especially to those of us standing in the hall in front of his office waiting for an agreement — he’s moving lightning quick to the mark up. The bill that he will be moving through his committee tomorrow will already have some of the

Pelosi Chokes Up

The topic of the day on all the cable nets seems to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s emotional plea for calm during her regular weekly briefing yesterday.

The Baucus Health Care Bill: A Work in Progress

I talked to Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus last night after what sounded like a pretty stormy meeting with his fellow committee Democrats last night. Baucus is still sounding confident about the prospects for his bill, but also suggests he is open to some significant changes in it, particularly on the question of making insurance …

Panetta Says CIA Will Be Absolved

From TIME’s Bobby Ghosh afield in Michigan:

Leon Panetta is confident that the DoJ’s new investigation into wrongdoing by CIA’s interrogators will absolve the Agency. “I don’t believe there’s a basis for any kind of action [against the interrogators]… and I’ll be proved right,” Panetta told reporters in Dearborn, MI,

Bending the Cost Curve

How one Congressional Budget Office score salvaged Max Baucus’ day and possibly his bill.

When Senate Finance Chairman Mac Baucus finally revealed his long anticipated bill, his Democratic colleagues treated the proposal like the open salvo in barter exchange and Baucus like a used Turkish rug merchant they were sure was out to …

Reax to the Baucus Bill

From TIME’s Kate Pickert:

The Senate Finance Committee’s health reform bill has provoked a wide range of reactions from special interest groups and lawmakers. Here is what the major players have to say in the wake of the bill’s unveiling:

Saving Elmendorf a Beating

Senator Kent Conrad today made an unusual request of the Congressional Budget Office: a 20-year cost estimate on the latest draft of Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus’ bill reforming the nation’s health care system. “We’ve got to have somebody look at this objectively and try to tell us: do we bend the cost curve the …

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