2012 Election

UPDATE: Health Reform and the States

As Karen noted earlier today, she and I have a story in this week’s magazine about how much states will be on the hook if and when federal health reform passes.

The impetus for the story was, in part, the growing number of governors across the country publicly slamming the idea of expanding insurance coverage to millions of …

The Health Care Dealmaking: Will We See It On C-SPAN?

Remember this promise by candidate Barack Obama during the presidential campaign?:

But the last point I want to make has to do with how we’re going to actually get this plan done. You know, Ted Kennedy said that he is confident that we will get universal health care with me as president, and he’s been working on it longer than I

Alabama’s Griffith Switches Parties

It was probably bound to happen sooner rather than later. Alabama’s fifth district is one of the few in the South held solidly by Democrats since Reconstruction thanks to economic development on the backs of the Tennessee Valley Authority, the military’s Redstone Arsenal and NASA’s Marshall Flight Space Center. But in recent years …

Harry Reid — Vindicated?

He didn’t win it pretty, but he won. Harry Reid showed, once again, why being Senate Majority Leader is the second hardest job in Washington. And on some days, the hardest.

Putting Some of the Reform Back Into Health Reform

NOTE: On Sunday, CBO changed its long-term estimates of cost savings, which it said were based on a misunderstanding of this bill. Please see this update.)

Given the drama and suspense of the past few weeks, it’s understandable that the first round of commentary about the new Senate health bill would focus on the deals that Majority …

Senate: The Deal Looks Done on Health Care

Multiple sources are now reporting that Nebraska’s Ben Nelson, the last Democratic holdout, is now saying he will support the latest version of the health care bill. That makes 60 votes, enough to overcome a fillibuster.

So what’s actually in this bill? And what did it take to get the last votes? I’m still going through it, and will …

Nancy Pelosi: Another Runner-Up

In the Person of the Year issue that was unveiled this morning, I have this profile of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi came in at #4 in the estimation of our editors. She is not only the highest ranking woman in the history of this country, standing second in line of succession to the presidency, but congressional scholars …

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