Mitt Romney

Former South Carolina Governor Jim Edwards Dumps Romney

In 2008, former South Carolina governor Jim Edwards devoted four months of his life to be the de facto co-chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign in the state, raising money and organizing supporters statewide. This time around not only is he not helping the Romney campaign, he’s not even endorsing Romney. Instead, he tells TIME, he is …

Campaign Circus Reaches Fever Pitch in New Hampshire

Bedford, New Hampshire

The Granite State had been worked to a fever pitch by Monday, as candidates made their final appeals before the long-anticipated primary. In the sleepy New Hampshire hills, the buildings overflowed. Crowds of reporters swallowed candidates and innocent bystanders alike. And the kooks and activists came out to …

Mitt’s Having a Tough Day

Manchester, New Hampshire

Lots of people are already having fun with this Mitt Romney quote:

“I want individuals to have their own insurance. That means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy,” Romney said. “It also means that if you don’t like what they do, you could fire them. I like being able to

Eight Votes in Iowa: Where the Race Goes from Here

When the bean counters finished tabulating the results from the 1,774 precincts that decide the Iowa caucuses, eight votes separated the victor, Mitt Romney (30,015) from the runner-up, Rick Santorum (30,007). Marvel at that for …

Save of the Day: Tax Returns, Brothers and Birth Certificates

Patch captures a great moment between siblings in Concord, New Hampshire, where Romney sons/L.L. Bean model lookalikes Matt and Tagg were asked whether their dad would release his tax returns during the election:

Matt Romney: He’s certainly not afraid of anything, not hiding anything — you know, I heard someone suggest the other day

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