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McCain to the Rescue?

Contributor Eric Pooley on the McCain global warming news the media missed today…

John McCain tried to make some news today — he pretty much came out in support of the ambitious Lieberman-Warner global warming bill — but nobody bothered to report it.

Prospects have been dimming for the climate bill, which would impose a declining cap

SwampCast: Huckabee Condemns Mailings

At least two evangelical pastors who are personally supporting Mike Huckabee received anonymous mailings warning that their churches risk sanction by the Internal Revenue Service if they become too involved in politics, Michael Scherer wrote yesterday. In a press conference on Thursday, Huckabee condemned the mailings calling them, ‘a …

SwampCast: Head versus Heart

This SwampCast looks at what might happen should the surging Huckabee wind up in showdown with Rudy Giuliani. A note — I mention, in the cast, that Republican primary voters like Rudy because he’s “tough on terrorism.” I want to distinguish that from the notion that that Rudy actually has that much experience fighting terrorism, though …

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