Michael Grunwald

Michael Grunwald is TIME's senior national correspondent. Before coming to TIME, he spent nearly a decade at the Washington Post, where he served as a congressional correspondent, New York bureau chief, essayist and national investigative reporter. Grunwald has also written for the Boston Globe, The New Republic and Slate among many other publications, and is the recipient of the George Polk Award for national reporting, the Worth Bingham Prize for investigative reporting and the Society of Environmental Journalists award for in-depth reporting. Raised in Greenvale, N.Y., Grunwald holds a B.A. from Harvard College. He lives in Miami.

Articles from Contributor

Why I’m Glad the Recall Failed

Some pundits believe the failure of the recall in Wisconsin did not reflect a distaste for unions, or warmth towards Scott Walker, or a backlash against Barack Obama, but a general revulsion against the concept of a recall. I have no idea what it reflected. But I will say this: Recalling a politician who didn’t abuse his office is …

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