Jay Newton-Small

Jay Newton-Small is the congressional correspondent for TIME. Born in New York, she spent time growing up in Asia, Australia and Europe following her vagabond United Nations parents. A graduate of Tufts University and Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, Jay previously covered politics for Bloomberg News. And, yes, despite the misleading name SHE is a she.

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Congress Next Year

I was asked not long ago on CNN which candidate would better end the gridlock on Capitol Hill. I replied Obama, of course, because Democrats are likely to control both chambers and intra-party gridlock is always less time consuming than inter-party fights: witness the 80+ cloture motions Reid has filed so far this session. But, …

Obama Raises $52 million in June

Seems fear is a powerful motivator. All of those stories about Obama’s flagging fundraising and Hillary’s donors’ recalcitrant giving have been disproved: in June Obama raised $52 million – close to his best month ever of $55 million in February. Plus the DNC raised $72 million $22.4 million last month. But, Obama campaign manager …

Florida Voter Registration

Some interesting news out of Florida this morning – seems a massive Dem voter registration drive is yielding results in the Sunshine State. In Broward County alone more than 30,000 new Democrats have registered since December. That’s compared to 7,000 new Republicans and 6,000 new Independents. Of course, Obama had that huge voter …

Bush Flip-Flops on Federal Lenders

In a stunning reversal, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson just said he will ask Congress to prop up faltering federal lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both of which have lost more than 80% of their stock values in the last year as the subprime crisis has deepened, threatening pension funds and other institutional investors in the …

Grover Norquist’s Fuzzy Math

Grover Norquist today comes up with a somewhat baffling defense of Carly Fiorina’s claim that 23 million small businesses would see tax hikes under Obama’s tax plan. Grover argues this:

In 2006 (the latest year available), $706 billion of such income was reported to the Internal Revenue Service. Of this, about half was reported by

Re: Phil Gramm and the “Mental Recession”

I’m not sure this is what McCain had in mind when he suggested that Gramm might make a good ambassador to Belarus. Though given the headaches Gramm’s causing him today, maybe it’s exactly what McCain meant.

Adding to the Gramm flap, Obama had a zinger at a “Women’s Economic Security Town Hall” meeting (that’s a mouth full!) in …

Fiorina’s Fuzzy Math

This morning at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast Carly Fiorina made the case that Obama’s proposed tax hike on those who make more than $250,000 a year would be damaging to small businesses.

“In the Bush tax cuts, if they are repealed, 23 million small businesses will have their taxes raised. Why? Because 23 million small

G.I. Bill Becomes Law

President Bush today signed into law today the G.I. Bill, which will double college benefits for troops and veterans, despite his earlier threats to veto the measure. The bill was attached to the $850 billion war supplemental that allocates and additional $650 billion for the war in Iraq and $200 billion for Afghanistan. Among those Bush …

Bill and Barack Chat

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton chatted over the phone today, dispelling rumors that the former president has been reluctant in his endorsement of Obama. Clinton insiders explained his absence in New Hampshire, saying he wanted to give his wife, the candidate, the spotlight to do the unity event alone. The Obama campaign has said …

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