Klein's latest book is Politics Lost.

Joe Klein

Joe Klein is TIME's political columnist and author of six books, most recently Politics Lost. His weekly TIME column, "In the Arena," covers national and international affairs. In 2004 he won the National Headliner Award for best magazine column.

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In the Arena In the Arena


Ed Koch was a giant of New York. He will not, I think, be remembered for giant breakthroughs in governance. No, he’ll be remembered for his gigantic, totally NooYawk personality.

In the Arena In the Arena

McCain v Hagel

John McCain’s first round interrogation of Chuck Hagel was more about personal pique and histrionics than it was about elucidating Hagel’s views. It was a foolish and demeaning exercise.

In the Arena In the Arena

Bill Kristol’s Very Bad Day

Ah, the wages of extremism! Bill Kristol writes yet another editorial trying to scuttle the Chuck Hagel nomination–and even criticizes AIPAC for eschewing public denunciations of Hagel. And then the neocons’ last best hope, Chuck Schumer, weighs in.

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