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The Rick Warren Choice: Offensive, Foolish, or Just Uninspired?

From TIME’s Amy Sullivan:

Liberals are furious with Obama for asking mega-church pastor and evangelical Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his Inauguration. Conservatives are furious with Warren for accepting the invitation (just as they savaged him two years ago when he invited Obama to speak at his annual HIV/AIDS conference).

Missouri Finally Calls Its Election

From TIME’s David Von Drehle:

You can color Missouri red–finally. Half a month after the polls closed, all of the Show Me state’s 114 counties (plus the independent city of St. Louis) have delivered their certified election results to Secrettary of State Robin Carnahan. As expected, Republican John McCain narrowly won the state’s 11 …

The Streak Continues

From TIME’s Amy Sullivan:

One more semi-related note on Rahm: Obama’s victory on Tuesday night means
the streak of outsider campaigns beating insider campaigns
continues. Going back to 1976, every new president has
brought with him a team of outsiders—think Carter and Pat Caddell; Reagan
and his California advisers; Clinton

Whither the Battleground Counties?

From TIME’s Amy Sullivan:

Barack Obama is going to win by such a comfortable margin—flipping what looks to be nine states into the Democratic column—that the battleground counties we profiled in TIME over the past few months weren’t exactly pivotal to the outcome. But how and why they broke does give us some sense of why these …

Palin’s Stevens Problem

From TIME’s Nathan Thornburgh:

Plenty of observers noticed that it took two tries for Palin to actually come out and say Ted Stevens should resign. Less talked about were the reasons behind her reluctance.

It’s not that there’s any love lost between Palin and Stevens—they had some ties, but were not close. He’s more or less the …

Progressives on Christian Radio

From TIME’s Amy Sullivan:

There’s been growing momentum over the past few years behind an
alternative approach to the abortion issue, an effort some people
refer to as “abortion reduction.” The idea is that whether they’re
pro-choice or pro-life, most people agree that it would be a good
thing if the abortion rate could be …