Michael Crowley

Michael Crowley is a senior correspondent for TIME. He previously covered domestic politics and foreign policy for The New Republic, and was also a reporter at the Boston Globe. He has also written for such publications as New York magazine, GQ, Slate, and the New York Times magazine.

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Obama and Cameron, Beer Buddies (Not That We’re Analyzing)

This afternoon Barack Obama welcomed the new British prime minister, David Cameron, to the White House, in a meeting the two men billed in a largely news-free press availability afterwards as a reaffirmation of the venerable US-UK “special relationship.” Neither man bit on questions about a possible investigation into BP’s role in the …

Republicans vs. Wall Street Reform

I can understand why Republicans would want to bad-mouth Barack Obama’s financial regulatory reform bill. It’s a big legislative victory for the White House and the Democrats. So if you’re a Republican, you want to undermine it–perhaps by arguing that the bill is riddled with special-interest loopholes. But supporting some kind of tough …

BP’s Unfortunate Board Game

You couldn’t have made this up:

Up to four would-be tycoons can compete at exploring for oil, building platforms and laying pipelines to their home countries.

But BP Offshore Oil Strike players must also avoid the dreaded ‘hazard cards’, which state: ‘Blow-out! Rig damaged. Oil slick clean-up costs. Pay

On Al Gore

A police investigation into your private life is almost never good news. But in this case, it might be what Al Gore needs. If his firm denials are true, he’s been pinned in a miserable spot, with an accuser whose story is all over the Internet and the tabloids–but with no impartial third party capable of exonerating him. (Update: As a …

Three Questions for Petraeus

Senate hearings are now underway to confirm David Petraeus as the new top American commander in Afghanistan. (See Mark Thompson’s curtain-raiser here.) Here are three questions I’d love to see the general address:

Was Marjah a mistake? The main event in the war this year was the offensive to flush the Taliban from the Marjah …

Hillary Clinton: The Political Weapon Obama Can’t Use

A smart Democratic operative fretting about the midterm elections made an interesting point to me today: How valuable might Hillary Clinton have been to the Obama White House as a campaign surrogate this year if she were still in the Senate and not at Foggy Bottom? My friend argues that Clinton could have saved Arlen Specter in …

Obama Changes Generals

By accepting the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal and replacing him with General David Petraeus, Barack Obama has taken one of the most decisive–and dramatic acts–of his young presidency. But while the fall of Obama’s top man in Afghanistan and the ascension of a military icon sometimes seen as rival to the President makes for …

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