Michael Crowley

Michael Crowley is a senior correspondent for TIME. He previously covered domestic politics and foreign policy for The New Republic, and was also a reporter at the Boston Globe. He has also written for such publications as New York magazine, GQ, Slate, and the New York Times magazine.

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The Lady GaGa Effect

Doesn’t seem to be much of one, at least not on Maine Republican Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. MSNBC is reporting that Democrats don’t expect to find the 60 votes needed to break a Republican filibuster this afternoon and overturn the Pentagon’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays in the military. Here‘s the Portland …

The Tea Party Stampede: Is Olympia Snowe Next?

Today’s New York Times considers other Senate moderates who might be endangered by the rolling Tea Party wave. An obvious candidate is Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, a frequent party line-crosser–she voted for Obamacare in the Senate Finance Committee (though not the final version)–who represents much of what the new GOP …

Rove vs. Reid

Politico spotlights a good angle to the subject of my new print piece this week: the huge Republican money steamroller poised to flatten Democrats from coast to coast in the midterms. If you read my story you’ll see that Karl Rove is a central player in this effort, particularly through the anodyne sounding group American Crossroads, …

The Cult of Outrage

Wise words from Ezra Klein:

It’s not that there is no argument too crazy to be obsessed over by liberals, but that there’s no crazy argument liberals won’t obsess over. They’ll totally ignore plenty of arguments that aren’t that crazy. And so too will conservatives. But the crazy stuff is fun to write about, or put on television. It

Obama and Executive Power

I might have missed it, but at today’s White House press conference I don’t think anyone asked the president about yesterday’s important court ruling enshrining Bush-era claims to sweeping executive power, powers that the Obama Justice Department has sought to protect. As the New York Times complained yesterday, “Barack Obama told voters …

Hillary, Obama and American Power

I’m struck by Hillary Clinton’s speech today about how we are in the midst of a “new American moment,” one that demands leadership from–and the values of–the United States to make the world a better place. Clinton’s message may seem like typical foreign policy mush. But in the current moment it amounts to a striking rejection of the …

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