Michael Crowley

Michael Crowley is a senior correspondent for TIME. He previously covered domestic politics and foreign policy for The New Republic, and was also a reporter at the Boston Globe. He has also written for such publications as New York magazine, GQ, Slate, and the New York Times magazine.

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A New Generation of Cynics?

That’s what a pro-Obama friend told me he feared the incoming president had created with his impossible-to-live-up-to 2008 presidential campaign. Now this:

About six in 10 young adults view politics more cynically than they did two years ago. More voters under age 30 say it does not matter which party controls Congress than support

Explaining the Stimulus (or Not)

Paul Krugman’s column yesterday offered an important reality check on political cant about the economic stimulus plan Barack Obama signed last year: more than 40 percent of the stimulus, Krugman reminds us, consisted of tax cuts. (It’s a little surprising that Obama doesn’t hit this point more often. According to PolitiFact, after all, …

Exit Jim Jones

As long rumored, Jim Jones will be leaving this month as Barack Obama’s national security advisor. This was never a snug fit; Jones complained that he had less access to and sway over Obama than some more junior staffers, notably NSC chief of staff Denis McDonough, one of the most quietly influential figures in the White House, and Jones …

“Pulling the Plug on Grandma”

And you thought the death panels debate had subsided:

The National Republican Congressional Committee is circulating a video of state Rep. Gary McDowell, the Democratic nominee in the race to replace retiring Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak (D), showing McDowell discussing the cost of health care in the last three months of

The Afghanistan of Africa

Rape, brutality and the failure of the international community in Congo:

“Congo is the U.N.’s crowning failure,” said Eve Ensler, author of “The Vagina Monologues,” whose advocacy group, V-Day, has been working with Congolese women for years….

Within peacekeeping circles, Congo is becoming known as “the African

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