Massimo Calabresi

Massimo Calabresi joined the Washington bureau of TIME in 1999 and has covered the CIA, State, Justice, Treasury, Congress and the White House. He covered the wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo as TIME's Central Europe bureau chief from 1995 to 1999 and the collapse of the Soviet Union as a freelancer in Moscow in 1991.

Articles from Contributor

Enter the Diplomats


After a week of increasingly pointed but ineffectual rhetorical forays, the U.S. waded directly into Egypt’s turmoil today, dispatching envoys to the opposing parties in an attempt to steer the unrest towards what Hillary Clinton over the weekend called an “orderly transition.” It is a risky move by Obama, putting the …

Washington Plays for Time in Egypt and the Arab World

A new dawn broke in Tunis with the ouster of its long-time corrupt dictator. After years of repression, news organizations suddenly were allowed to criticize the government. Committees were formed in parliament to create laws allowing independent political parties and to make democratic changes to the constitution. The hated State …

Clinton Dials it Up a Notch

On CNN and Fox today the Secretary of State took the U.S. position on the situation in Egypt a tonal step further, calling for an “orderly transition”, suggesting that the administration is beginning to view embattled President Hosni Mubarak’s days as numbered. She was careful in both appearances not to take sides explicitly, saying the …

China Expands Student Spying Network, Says CIA

After Tiananmen, the Communist Party in China unveiled the Student Information System, whose nominal goals were to improve the quality of college and university teaching and increase student involvement in education. “In practice, however, the SIS’s principal objective is to monitor and control teachers and students,” says a new …

Run Rudy, Run!

For those of us who like to dig through the Senate and House lobbying records, FARA registrations and old SEC filings, nothing excites like the possibility of a presidential candidate with deep but largely undisclosed business ties at home and abroad. So when I read the following exchange between Rudy Giuliani and CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, …

On the Waterfront

Every Christmas, longshoremen working the docks in New York and New Jersey receive royalty payments from shipping companies that off-load at the region’s piers. Every Christmas for the last 30 years the Genovese crime family, which infiltrated union leadership, would violently extort part of the payments from members, according to an

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