Amy Sullivan

Amy Sullivan is a contributing writer at TIME magazine, and author of the book The Party Faithful: How and Why Democrats are Closing the God Gap (Scribner, 2008). A Michigan native, she holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Harvard Divinity School. She writes about religion and politics for TIME, but no longer answers to the name "Bible Girl."

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Catholics Take Boehner to Task

As John Boehner (Catholic-OH) prepares to give the commencement address this weekend at Catholic University, a group of more than 70 Catholic theologians has sent him a tough letter noting that his voting record on economic issues does not match Catholic teaching.

Nat’l Day of Prayer–GOP Only, Please

The Dobsons came to Washington yesterday and hosted a gathering on Capitol Hill for the National Day of Prayer, an annual observance that President Obama officially established by proclamation earlier this week. Organizers must have lost Obama’s address, though (pssst!–1600 Pennsylvania Avenue), because Adelle Banks from Religion News …

Lunch Break: Michelle Obama Gets Down

And now, a slight change of pace. It’s been a good week so far for the Obamas. The President shellacked Donald Trump at the WH Correspondents Dinner, while Michelle Obama’s hair and dress rocked the house. Obama checked “Get bin Laden” off his to-do list for 2011. And Tuesday at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, Mrs. O showed that …

Mitch Daniels’ Dilemma

You kind of knew this was bound to happen after Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels called for a “truce” on social issues. The mild-mannered fiscal conservative might want to avoid contentious moral debates, but Indiana just became …

Newt Gingrich, Newbie Catholic

Newt Gingrich was a featured speaker at this morning’s National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, an annual event in Washington that traditionally draws (Republican) politicians looking to court conservative Catholics. Much of the breakfast was focused on the biggest news in the Catholic world this week–the upcoming beatification of Pope John …

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