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Alex Altman is a Washington correspondent for TIME. He previously worked as a writer and editor for TIME's Briefing section. A native of New York City, he has degrees from Colgate University and Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

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For-Profit Education Faces New Regulations

*Updated, July 27:

TIME’s Elizabeth Dias has this report:

The Department of Education has poured more gas on the for-profit career college fire. Today it unveiled proposed regulations designed to protect for-profit students from debt traps and taxpayers from footing the bill when students default on their loans. For-profit schools

The Tea Party’s Structual Dilemma

I have little interest in the shopworn debate about whether or to what extent the Tea Party movement is racist. The impetus for this story–which was written several days ago, before the Shirley Sherrod saga stole its thunder–was an odious blog post written by Mark Williams, and the critical response it prompted from a cohort of Tea …

The White House Apologizes to Shirley Sherrod

In a grueling briefing marked by testy exchanges and nervous laughter, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs apologized to Shirley Sherrod on behalf of the Obama Administration. “A disservice was done, for which we apologize,” Gibbs said. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack was attempting to reach Sherrod, Gibbs said, to offer an …

Afternoon Miscellany

–West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin is tapping his former general counsel, Carte Goodwin, to keep late Sen. Robert Byrd’s seat warm until the state can hold a special election (likely later this year). As The Fix explains, Manchin’s decision to appoint the 36-year-old Goodwin–who would be the chamber’s youngest member–is another sign that …

Faith-Based Group Fires Back at Glenn Beck

TIME’s Elizabeth Dias files this report:

One hundred thousand faithful Americans are telling Glenn Beck that enough is enough. This summer as Beck travels the United States solo and with Bill O’Reilly, Faithful America–a multi-faith justice organization–has rallied its members to push back against Beck’s

TIME’s New Poll

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