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Alex Altman is a Washington correspondent for TIME. He previously worked as a writer and editor for TIME's Briefing section. A native of New York City, he has degrees from Colgate University and Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

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Why You Should Ignore Early-Voting Totals

A week before Election Day, both parties are spinning early-voting tallies as a positive omen for their midterm prospects. “Despite national momentum being on the Republican side for months, we are not seeing anything resembling a Republican surge,” New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee Chairman,

The Perils of Internet Voting

Despite all the hullaballoo about the potential for voter intimidation on Nov. 2, there is a greater danger to the integrity of the midterms–one that has received far less attention. As I write in a piece up today:

During next month’s midterm elections, 33 states will allow a few million military and overseas voters to

40 Under 40

For the first time, TIME has assembled a roster of this year’s rising political stars–40 candidates, strategists, leaders and office-holders under 40 years of age. You can check out the list, which includes micro-profiles and honoree interviews, here. Best choice? Worst choice? Who’d we miss?

(Bonus: has also put together a …

Can McMahon Close the Gap in Connecticut Senate Race?

Norwalk, Conn.

In politics as in business, Linda McMahon grasps the art of the sale. During Thursday morning’s debate between Connecticut’s Senate candidates, the Republican cast herself as the antidote to the bankrupt politics of Washington, a product few voters are pleased with in this turbulent cycle. “The choice in this …

A Senate Spat Over For-Profit Education

TIME’s Elizabeth Dias files this report:

A Senate Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Committee investigation into federal investment in for-profit colleges devolved into a political squabble this morning, with Republican Sen. Richard Burr calling Sen. Tom Harkin’s investigation a “witch hunt.”

The proceedings were charged

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