Project Ivy: Democrats Taking Obama Technology Down Ballot

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Democrats have better incorporated the technology community in recent presidential campaigns.

Fifteen months after the 2012 presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee announced a new effort Monday to make the advanced data tools used by the Obama campaign available to Democratic candidates across the country.

The initiative, nicknamed Project Ivy, will take many of the sophisticated data, analytics, and communications tools used by the Obama campaign out of storage, allowing them to be used by Democratic candidates from school board to Senate, party officials told reporters Monday afternoon, as Democrats look to maintain their technological advantage over better-funded Republicans.

The project is built on top of the party’s longstanding Votebuilder database, which holds detailed records on more than 200 million Americans accumulated over the course of more than a decade of political activity. (A party slideshow on the new project uses the system’s entry for RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as a model to show how the system identifies likely Democratic voters for contact: He’s a ‘strong Republican.’)

The initiative marks the return of the technological Democratic brain trust to the DNC, which has already taken control of the Obama campaign’s data files, as the party adapts to a rapidly shifting climate. Outside groups increasingly dominate political communications and ad spending, leaving the party’s to a smaller, but still important role, “as a facilitator for campaigns,” in the words of one official.

State parties and candidates at all levels have long been able to access the Democratic database, but they will now have the ability to deploy tools developed by the Obama campaign. The new options, recognizable to any visitor to the Obama website in 2012, include the “call tool,” which allows volunteers to make targeted phone calls from the web, and its targeted sharing efforts, which allowed the campaign to request volunteers release specific information to carefully selected Facebook friends. It includes “Project Airwolf,” the Obama program named after the 1970s television show, which makes it easier for campaigns to match volunteers with where they will be most effective.

The DNC spent much of 2013 testing and adapting the Obama developments on Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia gubernatorial campaign. The DNC officials said the tools were not available to New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono.

The Democrats say they remain well ahead of Republicans, who have deployed millions in recent months in an all-out effort to match the DNC’s data and technology. “They haven’t been able to reverse engineer what we did three years ago, let alone what we’ll do this year,” one DNC official taunted. But even if they can match the technology bit-for-bit, the DNC believes a wealth of experience in deploying the tools will keep them safely in the lead for years to come. “It doesn’t help down-ballot if there aren’t staff on the ground who know how to utilize those tools,” the official said.

DNC fact sheet on “Project Ivy”:

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What you all don't realize is this is actually an excerpt from 1984. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. (and my personal favorite) Ignorance is strength. 


Let us know when they come up with the "Project Pinocchio's Amnesia" and we'll start worrying



Advanced technology ? How about fulfilling the promises Dear Leader made to the people ? It is as simple as that. The Dimocrats are doing everything to retain power except doing the most important of all. Solving this country`s ills.


I don't follow why this article implies republicans allegedly being "better funded" requires the democrats to (ahem) resort to technological gimmicks to defeat the GOP when the GOP's REFUSAL to DO ANY LEGISLATION required by Article I, Section 8 but just "sell out" the People under the purported auspices of (what else) "hating Obama" which (one can only assume) is why this "news" article references President Obama. 

Say, about the GOP plan to "fast track" the Trans-Pacific Partnership ("TPP"). Gee, maybe someone could provide some "news and analysis" directly refuting Fareed Z'a "puff piece" on the TPP?

Anyone heard of intellectual integrity?

How, pray tell, can the GOP pay lip service to a "strict construction" of the Constitution as it REFUSES to follow

Follow Article I, Section *'s EXPRESS LANGUAGE and RAISE REVENUE. 

What "debt problem"? It is a FEDERAL INCOME TAX "enforcement" problem, period. What, rich companies can "buy" legislative "loopholes" to enforcement in direct CONTRAVENTION of the 14th Amendment and the premise similarly situated citizens are to be treated equally? It can't be both, right? Corporations cannot be "persons" (per the State's lawful fiction) only to have the fiction elude the selfsame FEDERAL INCOME TAX LIABILITIES on account of some lobbyist written "technicalities." As the GOP "allows" the State to "shut down"? Hmm. 

Tell me, does the "dark money" want to just turn, hmmm, one or two of the Several States into their alter ego..trying to offer COMMERCE CLAUSE VIOLATING means to lure businesses away from, say, CA? Gee, maybe we can just "reform" Federalism against the People's interest by BANKRUPTING the Federal system that creates the very rule of law?

Or, we can prosecute CORRUPTION, "undo" all the SHAM TRANSACTIONS drafted "into law" by K Street with hammer and saw.

Let's see THE LEGAL AUTHORITY for the TPP and "mass amnesty" before you condemn us all. 

Why just "PRETEND" the 14th Amendment and 5th Amendment's DUE PROCESS clause doesn't CATEGORICALLY PRECLUDE
granting foreign nationals here ILLEGALLY the SAME PRIVILEGES AND IMMUNITIES and UNITED STATES CITIZENS. Sorry, there is no "spin" from EITHER partisan position that can SUPERSEDE the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.
Lo and behold! Right as the most controversial- to say nothing of void ab initio on account of VIOLATING the BILL of RIGHTS-
"immigration" reform begins to go through a long, no-hope-for-a-constitutional-deal process….the SAME super-PAC suckling Congress REFUSES to EVEN CONCURRENTLY RAISE REVENUE to PAY FOR ALL FORESEEABLE COSTS TO
THE STATE- that is, directly and indirectly- of such unfettered amnesty. Away with these Saudi-like decrees.

Away with the TPP and "Halliburton Loophole" and "illusory, blanket immunity to CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS and LOBBYISTS.  My God, how brazen can you get?  Is the entire DOJ and Attorney General too timid to ENFORCE LAWS for the People's protection? I see some GOP leaders claim to "warm up to Bitcoins" for use in UNITED STATES ELECTIONS? Oh really? How is that not actionable official MALPRACTICE? I AM 110% SERIOUS. Please.


Your REFUSAL to advance a COMPELLING STATE INTEREST defies the law of your FIDUCIARY CAPACITY. Why WOULD ANY state official acquiesce to a COMPETING CURRENCY? I'm serious. It's really THAT easy to dispose of these seditious "agendas" that HURT our own interests. Get real. Get rid of them in our jurisdiction. I'd sure like to see the legal authority that "allows them." The Constitution grants PLENARY POWER to the Congress. The GOP members cannot feign lethargy on these issues due to super-PAC largesse. 

Somebody explain how OUR LEADERS can purport to exercise POWER against THE PEOPLE's BEST FISCAL INTERESTS? That is unlawful. Show me the legal authority to the contrary: that purports to "allow" a member of the Congress to advocate State Action that would VIOLATE DUE PROCESS (i.e., ratifying the TPP).

Speaking of "winning the war of fund raising," why is the GOP's "base" trying to "take away eminent domain powers from CA" only to unlawfully "bequeath" it to FOREIGN CORPORATIONS via the "XL Pipeline and TPP?" I'm dead serious. 

Then show me the case law purporting to "enable" foreign entities or powers to exert ANY influence over the PEOPLE. What a farce. It is DANGEROUS farce these TRAITORS are playing. This whole "XL" Pipeline is about SECRET and UNLAWFUL REFORMS. The TPP is something that iS OUTSIDE OF OUR LEGAL PROCESS TO MAKE LAWS. It cannot supersede the
Bill of Rights and EXISTING tree agreements and REGULATIONS.
Where is the LEGAL SUPPORT to claim otherwise.
Let's see it NOW.

Sorry- this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. LAWS matter. What any particular member of Congress alleges to
believe or not believe in, what any real or imagined ideology lied beneath their positions, we cannot veer away from PRECEDENT when it has served the People under the Founding Fathers' DOCTRINE OF ENUMERATED POWERS. Taken to its illogical conclusion, as the "paid for" Congress feels it has some self-perceived "discretion" to pursue, obstruct or otherwise THWART
State Action that benefits the State or People as if, in the end, the LAW of Fiduciary Duty, Duty of LOYALTY and express language granting PLENARY POWER to Congress to RAISE REVENUE does not circumscribe any such actions. What a

This is most notably present in our Congress REFUSAL to categorically CONDEMN and THWART any conduct that is a THREAT to the UNITED STATES' RULE OF LAW WITHIN OUR OWN JURISDICTION. Whether that is pushing "make believe" Bitcoins - that is, in doing so, opening the door to "challenge" the UNDISPUTED plenary power of the US DOLLAR for ALL
transactions within our JURISDICTION- or, worse still, purporting to "AGREE" to void ab intio CHANGES to the SUPREMACY of the State by such "make believe" powers allegedly created by the Trans-Pacific
Partnership (see, e.g.,

All this is AT TRHE EXPENSE of the very POWERS to the PEOPLE the BILL of RIGHTS protect.
We need the DOJ and Several States' Attorney Generals' to VINDICATE OUR RIGHTS- not "sue" the Commander in Chief in some   cheap Dr. Seuss parlor trick or "unplug the lights" 

Government "shut down" as if, the Commerce Clause is NOT violated with the, aw gee shucks  "gee, no Income Tax because of natural resources or advantages provide a select few of the Several States to such big bucks….that should INURE TO THE ENTIRE REPUBLIC's BENEFIT." Not STEAL a bunch of business and inculcate for the Federal system a hateful spit. 

A few states cannot INJURE the Several States and/or REPUBLIC. 
The Several States' ability to REIGN IN corruption and SUE for specific performance of the Social Contract.

Because "America the Gas Land" is what the GOP has on tap as it has distracted us all from these breaches of duty at home- as in denies Science as much as an arsonist denies flames and temperatures are rising higher. 

"It is the cause and not the death that makes the martyr."