5 Campaign Themes Hillary Clinton Is Test Driving

Because you never know

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Is Hillary running?

Her closest aides say she hasn’t decided yet and won’t make a decision for some time. But the fact that she is not officially running has not stopped her from testing out several campaign themes, all of which she’s set up in speeches and public appearances over the past few months.

Here’s a look at the top five, from income inequality to being a Washington’s “outsider”.


Hillary has already thoroughly discredited herself through her association with the Obama administration. Any attempt she might make to say that she cares about income disparities, or that she wants greater regulation of Wall Street, will ring hollow (particularly in light of her recent, well publicized overtures to Wall Street.) If the Democrats want to go back to being the party of Main Street rather than being one of the two Wall Street parties, Elizabeth Warren is a better bet.


@OzziePerch not to mention that Pocahontas Warren would get the native american vote


What difference does it make?


Hillary Clinton would be well advised to consider pounding on the Republicans for their lack of interest in the concerns of ordinary Americans.  There may well be all sorts of weaknesses in any specific GOP candidate.  However, the Republicans have a number of overall weaknesses that can't be explained away, finessed or ignored.  Hillary and the Democrats should hit on these themes and keep hitting on these themes:

1. The GOP has a war on women.  It is obsessed with an insatiable need to control women's reproductive functions.  Everyone knows this, even if the GOP won't admit it as such.  This is why unmarried women (a huge voting block exceeding African-Americans and Latinos combined) voted for the Democrat McAuliffe in Virginia by a margin of 42%.

2. The GOP cares nothing for ordinary Americans and their needs.  The Republicans claim that their proposals to cut taxes will stimulate business and increase jobs, but this is typical reverse economics.  They are against wage, workplace and other protections for workers.  Further, they have made the use of government stimulus to increase jobs virtually impossible in Congress.  Their goal is to concentrate more money in the hands of those who are already rich, not to stimulate economic activity.

3. The GOP has no philosophy of government.  This is not an abstract issue, but a concrete one.  Government is there to help foster all Americans' rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".  It does this by doing for us all those things that individuals can't be expected to do for themselves.  The GOP has cut, or has tried to cut, all of these: health coverage, education, medical research, transportation, preschool, higher education, clean air, clean water, safe workplaces, safe food and medicine, safe toys, ... the list is endless.  The important thing is that under the guise (and it is a ruse, make no mistake) of unshackling businesses, they want to deregulate all these things and more.  In so doing, they want to expose Americans to endless dangers that we had hoped were past.

4. The GOP owns the Great Recession that almost became Great Depression II.  They created it by lax oversight of the financial industry, by reducing reserve requirements for banks and mortgage companies, by stimulating interstate banking (thus creating banks that were "too big to fail") and removing the protections that were enacted to prevent banks and other companies from gambling with consumers' money (Glass-Steagall Act).

5. The GOP is married to the most intolerant and retrogressive elements in our society, and continues to be totally beholden to them. 

6.  The GOP has no plan for the future, other than to try to recreate a past that never existed.  They wish to transport the country into a 1950s sitcom, rather than to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.  They are inherently pessimistic about a future they fear and don't understand.  Who wants to go in reverse?  We want to go forward.

Whoever is nominated by the GOP, they will be chained to the misanthropic and misogynistic agenda of the Republican party and its most vocal representatives.  While a lot may happen between now and 2016, this is not likely to change.