Obama To Sign Up For New Health Insurance On Monday

On the last day to buy coverage to beginning Jan. 1

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President Barack Obama is expected to sign up for health insurance through the new online exchanges by the end of day Monday, his senior adviser said.

White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett said during an interview with American Urban Radio Networks Obama would meet the end-of-day deadline to sign up for new coverage that starts Jan. 1, Politico reports. It’s unclear if he’ll use the troubled federal HealthCare.gov exchange website or Washington D.C.’s insurance exchange; officials didn’t comment to furtgher Politico.

Monday is the final day to sign up for consumers who want coverage beginning Jan. 1, but Americans have until late March to buy health insurance before being fined with a tax penalty.



Before leaving for his Hawaiian vacation, President Obama honored 11-month-old transgender Hillary Carter at a White House luncheon. He made a point of mentioning the young transgender's exorbitant medical costs for gender alteration would be covered by the Affordable Care Act. Today, the president will draw more attention to the ACA by signing up himself. In an effort to attract younger participants, it's not a bad PR campaign.   http://bit.ly/1hZF2M6