White House Touting Mental Health Funding After Sandy Hook School Shooting

The administration is shifting focus to mental health in its effort to curb shootings

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Vice President Joe Biden will announce Tuesday that the Obama administration is promising $100 million to improve mental health services as part of its response to the deadly school shooting in Connecticut almost one year ago, a White House official said.

The White House, with Biden at the forefront, has pledged to find ways to stop mass shootings, but it failed to push any new gun control legislation through Congress, even after the massacre of 26 people, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., late last year. A Biden-led task force identified mental illness as another focus in the effort to stem shootings, and the White House has already set it as a priority, including by enforcing a 2008 law that requires insurers to treat mental health as a physical ailment.

Biden will unveil the new funding Tuesday afternoon at the White House “with families who lost loved ones during the shooting in Newtown,” the White House official said. The money comes form existing government funding: $50 million from the Department of Health and Human Services to expand behavioral health services for people with mental illness or addiction, and another $50 million from the Department of Agriculture to expand mental health services in rural areas.


Considering this is an article about mental health, I'd like to post about somebody in need. Their fundraising page is on IndieGogo. Search for "I want life" and it's under the city of Miami - Please no mean comments. If you don't feel like contributing, you don't have to. Just trying to find help, that's all.


What is NEVER said nor will any of our so called media be allowed to say is that our entire mental health system is broken and corrupt. to the core. Going to a shrink unless you are rich means your records will not be kept private they will be turned over to the police DEA and Homoland Security. Plus the shrinks (the ones who  get some kind of gov't paycheck) are in essence police first, and foremost. If Uncle Sam cared at all he wouldn't have put up such a pitiful amount. 

I've worked with addicts for 16 yrs now and the health care system relies primarily on their monopoly on Rx drugs another huge mistake our hateful gov't made a century ago but as always Uncle Sam will never ever change course from a bad policy no matter how many Americans must die, our politicians must get their $s at all costs.