Obama Visits Family of Slain TSA Agent

Also meets with two agents wounded in LAX shooting

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President Barack Obama met Monday with the family of the TSA agent who was killed in the shooting at Los Angeles International Airport earlier this month.

Gerardo Hernandez was the first TSA officer to die in the line of duty when 23-year-old Paul Ciancia allegedly went on a shooting rampage Nov. 1. Obama also met with Tony Grigsby and James Speer, two other TSA officers who were wounded in the incident, CNN reports.

Ciancia was shot and hospitalized before police charged him with the murder of a federal officer and commission of violence at an international airport.



Brian Terry's family deserved as much from Obama and Holder. All they got was an apology letter shared with the press before being sent to the family.. You stay classy, Eric..



You beat me by an hour, Terry. This was the first thought I had when I saw the headline.