Congressman Trey Radel To Take Leave of Absence After Cocaine Bust

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Florida Republican Rep. Trey Radel announced Wednesday he would take a leave of absence from Congress and seek medical treatment hours after he pled guilty to a misdemeanor cocaine possession charge. Radel added that he would donate his salary to charity while away from his duties.

“I have let my constituents, my country and my family down,” Radel said in a late night press conference. “I want to come out of this stronger, and I intend to do that, to be a better man, a better husband and continue serving this country.”

A Washington, D.C. Superior Court judge placed Radel on a one-year probation earlier Wednesday. If Radel completes that probation successfully, his guilty plea will be cleared from his record.

Radel’s wife was not present at the press conference, but he said she was being supportive and described her as his “rock.”

“There’s nothing more that I want than to go home and hug my wife and my little guy,” Radel said.

Radel was originally charged on October 29. When asked why he waited to disclose the matter, Radel said that was “a matter of counsel.”


If we ordinary people commit the crime like the Congressman did - we would be fired from our job and thrown in jail.

The People expect nothing less for this person.


Yes the jobs bill that the tea-party House Republicans all claim they would be working on in 2010 is quite stressful.  Good luck Senator with your rehab, it will look good on your resume.  Not that you'll ever need one, cause we American voters of late look pass a lot of things.

Keep up the good work sir.  And if we see at least a chicken in the pot by thanksgiving we will all know your due diligence in the House was not in vain.


Radel did not let his country down and surely he did not let the members of the House down. I say this because the citizens are tired of the way the House works over its members. They are all puppets who vote when told to vote. I am sad that Radel did not get caught (as of yet) with the cocaine in Florida. Possession of cocaine in Florida is a 3rd degree felony (minimally).