Insurance Executives Called to White House Meeting

CEOs to meet with President Obama to discuss plan to allow people to keep insurance plans that don't meet new federal standards

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Chief executives from several insurance companies have been called to the White House to meet with President Obama on Friday.

Politico reports that the several insurance company CEOs will  discuss a plan with the President to allow companies to keep selling plans that don’t meet the basic standards under Obamacare. In the months before the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2010, President Obama said several times, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it. Period.”

As the law has gone into effect this year, millions of Americans health insurance plans were canceled because they didn’t meet new minimum standards stipulated under the law. The cancelations sparked outrage among those affected and gave opponents of the law fresh ammunition to call for changes.

On Thursday, Obama said that insurers can extend current plans; meanwhile, both the House and Senate are taking up bills to address the cancelations.



@ViableOp  And those who could no longer afford health care because of the high cost, those who can now afford health care, those who got their policies cancelled because of cancer etc.  So insurance companies make money, do you not expect them to ?


Anyone who has run a business and launched a project knows some things are going to need fixing. The website not working is a huge blunder but realistically it's going to work sooner or later. The real question is, when everything is said and done, have premiums gone up or down and how good are the new plans isn't it ? Why isn't this the focus ? Isn't it what we get stuck with long term more important than anything the president said ? 


@MauriceAdelmon  What were we struck with before the law went into affect ?   The high cost of health care, and only if you qualified for it, spiraling costs of insurance rates on premiums, cancellations when you got real health issues, and tax payer costs for the working poor without health care who go to the ER rooms.