Sen. Wendy Davis Is Officially Running for Governor of Texas

The state lawmaker says her campaign will focus on job creation

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wendy davis
Win McNamee / Getty Images

Wendy Davis at the National Press Club on August 5, 2013.

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis officially filed her candidacy paperwork for the 2014 gubernatorial race on Saturday.

The Democrat, who sparked national attention for filibustering an abortion bill in the Texas statehouse, filed the paperwork at uShip’s flagship office in Austin, Texas, ABC News reports.

“I’m running for Governor because I believe all Texans should have a voice in their future and a place in Texas’ future,” Davis said. “Today is the official start of that journey — a journey that means so much more than filing paperwork.”

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott also filed his candidacy paperwork on Saturday.

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Well, she'll also be running against an anti-Obamacare tidal wave.

So she might even get 40%


"The state lawmaker says her campaign will focus on job creation"

As this is how it should be - now it is up to us Independent voters to start holding these politicians accountable. 


@Paul,nnto Sue doesn't think Abbott will get the Republican nod.   I hope she's right.   He appointed Cruz as Attorney General so you'd think he'd be wing-nutty enough for Texas, but maybe not.    It's tempting to cross over and vote in the Spring against him so Wendy will have a weaker opponent - but then the ultra-nut might win.   After all, this is Texas and Cruz knocked out the Republican establishment candidate - and went on to win against a very good Democratic opponent.