Morning Must Reads: November 6

In the News: Election Night winners, losers, and what's next

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

Election Night Recap 

  • Christie Wins Reelection in Landslide, 2016 Awaits: “In his victory speech, Christie said his record of bipartisanship should serve as a lesson for a divided Washington, and said a “dispirited America — angry, angry at their dysfunction in Washington — looks to New Jersey.”  [TIME]

“If Christie can somehow be considered the front-runner for the 2016 nomination, however, it is only because of a dearth of strong Republican candidates. His political shortcomings are much more acute than people realize.” [New Republic]

  • Colorado Approves Marijuana Sales Tax [TIME]

“Also in Colorado, ten rural counties refused to approve secession from the state in an effort to form a 51st state called North Colorado. Among them — Weld County, whose commissioners spearheaded the effort, citing frustration with the Democrat-led state government that they claim neglects rural interests” [CBS News]

GOP Establishment Favorite Ekes Out Win in Alabama [TIME]

  • Democrat Terry McAuliffe Wins Virginia Governor’s Race [TIME]
  • But, Obamacare almost killed McAuliffe.  [Politico]
  • Detroit Elects First White Mayor in Decades [TIME]
  • New Detroit Mayor Faces and Uphill Fight [USA Today]
  • Bill de Blasio Wins NYC Mayoral Race, First Democrat in Two Decades  [TIME]

“Now, as Mr. de Blasio, 52, prepares to become chief executive of one of the world’s largest cities, he will have a far grander stage on which to test the decidedly liberal worldview that has been the hallmark of his career.” [NYT]

  • Former Labor Leader Walsh Wins Boston’s Mayoral Election [TIME]

“When Walsh takes office Jan. 6, it will mark the end of the 20-year tenure of Mayor Thomas M. Menino, whose announcement in March that he would not seek reelection unleashed a generation of pent-up political ambition.” [Boston Globe]

  • Virginia, New Jersey Results Highlight Republican Party’s Divisions, Problems [Washington Post]

“The staying power of the conservative movement that burst onto the scene four years ago was called into question in this year’s marquee contests….Still, Democrats saw looming problems of their own on the horizon — not so much in returns from the off-year elections but in the roiling furor over the flawed rollout of the federal health care exchange.” [USA Today]