Obama Tried Out Healthcare.gov

Biden says he and the president are not “technology geeks”

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President Obama logged on to healthcare.gov, Vice Presidence Joe Biden said Wednesday. No word on whether he had any luck registering.

Biden said both his daughter and the President had used the problem-plagued website at the center of the troubled rollout of Obamacare, though he had not. In an interview with HLN, the VP said the White House was closely monitoring the progress of the website leading up to its October 1 launch date, but the President could not have predicted its problems.

“To be told by the pros and be told, ‘yeah, this looks like it’s all ready to go, all in line’—Neither he and I are technology geeks and we assumed that it was up and ready to run,” Biden said.

He called the glitches in the website “inexcusable.” “

“There’s no excuse,” he said. “We just have to fix it.”