Intel Chief: Allies Spy on U.S. Too

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The National Intelligence Director James Clapper defended surveillance on Tuesday by saying that while America may spy on its allies, they do it to us too — because it’s necessary, the Associated Press reports.

“That’s a hardy perennial,” Clapper told a House intelligence committee hearing.

Committee Chairman Mike Rogers asked him whether allies had conducted the same type of espionage against U.S. leaders, and Clapper responded, “Absolutely.”

Clapper also said that reports that the National Security Agency took millions of phone records in France, Spain and elsewhere were inaccurate. In fact, NATO alies were collecting “metadata” that they shared with the United States.



Listening and reading NSA-Bosses describe their noble motivations for bugging the whole world I feel reminded to old GDR-Stasi-Chef Erich Mielke stating that "I love you all, I love all people".
Probably its worth watching and listening even if you don't accurately understand German:

If America still tries to claims beeing like a "shining city on the hill", enforcing a policy ob higher (christian?) moral claims, they should strongly challenge their path. Otherwise "we only do like others do" they are not any better than China, Russia or former GDR - and should not claim to be rated any better.


All the major countries have extensive intelligence networks. We ALL spy on each other.

Ordinarily, this fact doesn't work it's way into the public domain very often. When it does, it becomes a matter of routine damage control. Did the president know? Not likely. Our presidents are are only told what they need to know. Plausible deniability.

Israel is the most blatant of our allies that spy on us. Got caught with their pants down on numerous occasions. Yet, Uncle Sam just can't seem to stay out of her bed...

Which also gives you an idea who has a hand in steering our foreign policy.