Secret Memos Show Depth of U.S.-Pakistan Cooperation on Drones

Files show Pakistani officials secretly endorsed program for years and received classified briefings on strikes

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Just days after reports from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch blasted U.S. drone strikes for causing civilian casualties, newly-leaked CIA documents show the extent of Pakistani cooperation with America’s drone program.

The Washington Post obtained top secret CIA documents and Pakistani diplomatic cables that detail how the Pakistani government secretly endorsed the drone campaign for years, all while denouncing the strikes in public. The documents detail more than 65 strikes and describe how Pakistani officials received classified briefings about the resulting casualty counts.  

The leaked documents, according to the Post, also provide a detailed timeline of the evolution of the CIA drone program over the past few years. The Pakistani Embassy did not respond to the Post‘s request for comment and the CIA declined to comment, but did not dispute the authenticity of the documents.

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It is a known fact the US was striking targets in Pakistan with Drones in its effort to eradicate terrorism.

And Pakistan, in its efforts to ensure that it is not alienated from the International Community post terrorist attacks on 9/11 and the flushing out of Osama Bin Laden and killing him  by the US in Pakistani soil, had agreed for the Drone strikes inside Pakistan.

And another important factor in agreeing to Drone strikes is the dire need of Pakistan for US money followed by the contribution of the West to prop up uts tottering economy.

The US need to strike at the terrorists hide out as it became known that Pakistan was harboring the terrorists , including Osama Bin Laden in its soil and was actively promoting terrorism.

keeping quiet on Pakistan won’t do.

This is the back ground of the Pakistan agreeing to the Drone strikes and I see no reason to condemn Pakistan on this core for any Nation,given the state Pakistan was/is in, would have done this.

When the Drone strike involved the killing of  the Civilians, it aroused Public Anger.

The West and in particular the US was supremely indifferent.

Drone attacks can not distinguish Civilians, Terrorists and most importantly the Westerners.

When the Drone strike involved the killing of a UK national, there started a Hue and cry and Human Rights issue.

Ironically these votaries of Human Rights were silent when Pakistani civilians were killed!

Now as the issue has become a Human Rights controversy, the CIA, with the sanction of the White House, is releasing the information that Pakistan was a Party to Drone Strikes.

They could have done this when Pakistani civilians were being killed.

This is how contradictory international policies work out.


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