Sen. Ted Cruz Target of Twitter Threats

Tweets included Cruz’s home address

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Authorities are investing a threat made against Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, reports The Hill.

A tweet posted Friday morning included aggressive language targeted at the Tea Party favorite and listed Cruz’s home address in Houston.

“What goes around comes around CRUZ!!” wrote Twitter user @ArmyVet54, who identified himself as serving in the Army and Navy and who later on Friday posted another threat — that Cruz needed to be “taught a street wise lesson.”

A spokesman for the Capitol Police said they are looking into the matter.

[The Hill]


oh dont worry about it... must be another one of those Tea Party nuts


 What goes around comes around CRUZ!!

Lets hope we're talking about voting him out. Because that would be a suitable consequence of his opportunistic play with our economy for his own gains. Although first I'd love him to win the primary in 2016 to be curb stomped by Hillary. In fact I'd love for him to wear the foot print for a long time so we won't ever have to suffer him twice.


I fully understand the sentiments behind the threats. 

To get what he and his followers wanted, this evil man and his co-conspirators in Congress--in an UNPRECEDENTED act of betrayal--just threatened the financial HEART and the very economic LIFE of their own country.

Had government bowed to their fascist demands, we would not now be living in anything resembling a democracy--we would be subject to the unending dictatorial demands of an insurrectionist Tea Party tribunal. "Do this! Undo that . . . or ELSE!!"

In a plot ongoing since the beginning of the President's second term, these SEDITIONISTS attempted to extort changes in the law of the land, and threatened to DESTROY their own country if their demands were not met.

They have demonstrably harmed this nation economically with their hostage-taking (and have damaged our democracy's credibility abroad). 

I urge every true patriot who loves this democratic republic, and wishes to save it from any similar such dire peril in the future, to sign this petition, demanding the arrest of the ringleaders of this coup attempt on the grounds that they are clearly guilty of SEDITION.


Investigating not investing.  The Twitter threat is probably equal to the Cruz threat.  Nothing.  Hot air.