The Deal-Maker in DC: Susan Collins

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In the DC shutdown scrum, Susan Collins (R-Maine) and her sister-colleagues of Congress worked together when their male counterparts would not. She lead the bipartisan effort that ultimately prevailed.


What a load.

Collins had her fingerprints all over the ACA, attempting to insert right wing ideas into it, some of which were even accepted, and then after causing delays of months and weakening the bill, voted against the whole thing. Just about none of her ideas made it in to the final CR and debt ceiling bill, as her proposal was shot down by both parties.

Susan Collins may not be as crazed as most of her colleagues but she is no moderate, she just plays one on TV. Obviously Newton-Small is among the fooled.


I'm sorry but spare me the GOP propaganda that, gee, "now the women in the GOP are going to step forward and assert themselves as this last compromise shows". Nonsense. They too, allowed the State to default despite the clear and unambiguous language in Article I, Section 8 requiring them to raise revenue via TAXATION. There is nothing in the Constitution about "spending cuts", much less illegal "pledges" to lobbyist regimes conspiring to WEAKEN our Military. 

Sorry, Sen. Collins has achieved nothing. There is no Budget (as required by law) and no amount of "puff piece-we-are-breaking-the-glass-ceiling" journalism changes the FACT her party is deliberately and willfully disobeying federal law.