Morning Must Reads: October 7

In the News: Entering the second week of the shutdown, military raids in North Africa, Supreme Court Resumes and Justice Scalia talks to NY Mag, and why Obama must talk to the GOP

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Nicholas Kamm / AFP /Getty Images

The US Capitol in Washington is seen on September 30, 2013 , a day before the government shutdown began.

  • No-Negotiate Obama Enters Second Week of Shutdown Standoff: “For seven days the federal government has been closed, and for seven days Obama has refused to negotiate with House Republicans. He’s cloistered himself in the White House as the GOP takes a lashing in the press and across the country, emerging only to fan the flames.” [TIME]
  • Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke to New York Magazine about the Constitution, the media, homosexuality, the Catholic Church, and the Devil. [NY Mag]
  •  White House Pursues Online Privacy Bill Amid NSA Efforts: “The fact that the administration is trying to advance such a measure — amid reports that the government can access people’s online communications — speaks to growing tensions with Europe over privacy. Top European Union officials have called for tighter data rules for U.S. Internet companies, and a base-line privacy bill would strengthen the administration’s hand in negotiating with Europe.” [Politico]
  • Libya, Somalia Raids Show U.S. Counterterrorist Strength and Weakness:  “The U.S. raids against terrorist targets in Somalia and Libya on Saturday show how America is succeeding in one part of its counterterrorism strategy, but failing in another.” [TIME]
  • Redskins Rep Lanny Davis on the President’s comments on changing the Washington Redskins’ name: “President Obama has better things to worry about, but he should look at the Chicago Blackhawks who won the Stanley Cup and he’s never said a word about them,” Lanny Davis, an attorney for the Redskins, said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” [Politico]
  • Rich People Just Care Less: “A growing body of recent research shows that people with the most social power pay scant attention to those with little such power.” [NYT]
  • Lew: Congress is Playing With Fire: “Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Sunday ratcheted up the administration’s  efforts to convince congressional Republicans that they should step back from their push that the White House accept major changes to ObamaCare in exchange for raising the borrowing limit and reopening the federal government.” [The Hill]
  • Why Obama Must Talk to the GOP [National Journal]