Morning Must Reads: October 7

In the news: second week of the shutdown; the Supreme Court's new term; the Virginia governor's race; Libya and Somalia raids; Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black

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Nicholas Kamm / AFP /Getty Images

The US Capitol in Washington is seen on September 30, 2013 , a day before the government shutdown began.

  • No-Negotiate Obama Enters Second Week of Shutdown Standoff [TIME]
    • Without Negotiating, Obama and Boehner Eye Big Deal [TIME]
    • Washington Dramas [New Yorker]
    • GOP’s Unheralded Victory on Spending [WSJ]
  • The [Supreme] court’s new term, which starts Monday, will feature an extraordinary series of cases on consequential constitutional issues, including campaign contributions, abortion rights, affirmative action, public prayer and presidential power. [NYT]
    • In Conversation: Antonin Scalia [New York]
    • The question facing Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Stay or go? [WashPost]
  • Cuccinelli Shuns Cruz Limelight [Politico]
  • Libya, Somalia Raids Show U.S. Counterterrorist Strength and Weakness [TIME]
  • Senate Chaplain Calls Out Congress, Prays ‘Save Us From Madness’ [TIME]