Robert Reich: My Date with Hillary Clinton

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Robert Reich is best best known as Bill Clinton’s one-time labor secretary but before the economist joined Clinton’s cabinet he went on a date with a young Hillary Rodham. In this week’s 10 Questions, TIME’s Belinda Luscombe asks Reich about their movie date when the pair were undergrads at Dartmouth and Wellesley.

Reich also shares his views on Obamacare and what he learned from making the award-winning documentary “Inequality For All,” which hits theaters on September 27.

View the full video below. 


they say opposites attract. shillary loves inequality and Robert hates it. 


9 questions about economic inequality, how to mitigate it, and what we can do to provide a more equal playing field for our citizenry.  So naturally the title of the link is drawn from the trifle of a 10th question, which former secretary Reich points out has no value beyond ridiculous idle gossip.

Thanks Time.