One President, Five Mass Shootings

A collection of Obama's speeches following these national tragedies.

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Like all presidents, Obama is looked upon to help heal a community and a nation in times of tragedy. President Obama has responded to a number of mass shootings as commander-in-chief, including those in Tucson, Sandy Hook and Aurora, Fort Hood and the Navy Yard. The video above is a collection of his speeches in the days that followed these five tragic events.


they will increase, as he gets caught in more scandals. I have spent more time researching the incidents he has perpetrated, and the script is always the same.

after you outline the MO, the lies and false flags become so blatant, that you don't even need to watch the news. whoever writes this stuff, needs a bath and enema. but the public just sucks it up, and blindly believes.

the first tell tale sign, is the facebook funds set up. the second, is if you take the photos and run them through forensics, they are all doctored.

third, as in newtown, there is not ONE picture with a real tear in it,and the photoshopping is so bad, it almost seems it was on purpose.

4 and not the last, these incidents ALWAYS happen when he needs the headlines to change, or he wants to push something that is far from popular, claiming that since the incident happened, the entire country demands he gets what he wants. and it is ALWAYS an emergency, and we should pass te legislation,quickly, before we have time to look at it.

if he doesn't get his way, we fall back on the ever popular executive order,which is usually unconstitutional.


"The next mass shooting will take place on February 12, 2014, in Spokane, Washington. It will be committed by an emotionally disturbed, 38 year-old white man who will kill seven people and wound six more at a place he used to work using a semi-automatic handgun he purchased legally in the state.

That, at least, is what a look at the data on past such shootings might indicate.


Our sincere hope is that every prediction we made is wrong because no mass killings should happen again. The probability of that happening is not statistically significant."


The question is, what do we as a country need to do to stop these shootings?