Morning Must Reads: September 17

In the news: Navy Yard horror; UN report released on Syria chemical arms attack; Janet Yellen emerges as the front-runner for Fed; the Debt Hike/CR Fight; and the London Whale

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • “A gunman killed a dozen people as the workday began at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, creating an improbable moment of horror at a military facility with armed guards at every gate and leaving investigators seeking clues about what spurred the attack.” [WashPost]
    • Remembering the victims [WashPost]
    • The Navy Yard’s Lone Gunman [TIME]
  • “A United Nations report released on Monday confirmed that a deadly chemical arms attack caused a mass killing in Syria last month and for the first time provided extensive forensic details of the weapons used, which strongly implicated the Syrian government.” [NYT]
  • “Federal Reserve Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen emerged as the front-runner to become the White House’s nominee to lead the central bank, a day after Lawrence Summers pulled out of the contest amid congressional resistance, according to people familiar with the matter. President Barack Obama hasn’t made a final decision, a senior administration official said.” [WSJ]
    • “Her public demeanour would be much like Mr Bernanke’s: technocratic and based on meticulous command of the data. Her cautious, consensus-building approach would minimise surprises (and financial-market volatility) as the current chairman has.” [Economist]
  • GOP Leaders Link Debt Hike, CR Fight [Politico]
  • “J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is expected to take a big step toward resolving the ‘London whale’ trading fiasco, agreeing to pay at least $800 million in penalties and admit wrongdoing as part of a broad regulatory settlement over its handling of the matter.” [WSJ]
  • “By 2020 or shortly thereafter, barring political barriers, the United States will likely be a net exporter of energy. North America as a whole surely will be.” [Foreign Affairs]