Zuckerberg to Meet with Republicans on Immigration

Facebook CEO will discuss policies with House Speaker John Boehner and others

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Robert Galbraith / REUTERS

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg listens to a question during a media event at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California March 7, 2013.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to meet with four top Republican leaders in the House next week to discuss immigration. Zuckerberg has been publicly advocating for a revision of the U.S. immigration law, partly through Fwd.us, a pro-immigration advocacy group formed by several technology companies, including Facebook.

The meeting is scheduled for September 19 and will include House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, Whip Kevin McCarthy of California, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, according to Bloomberg News.

The discussion will not be limited to immigration. They also plan to talk about Internet privacy, the economy, and taxes.

The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration plan on June 27. House leaders oppose the Senate’s measures and are taking a bill-by-bill approach to immigration. No votes have yet been scheduled.




California and to a lesser content other states as well, as most areas are inundated with the illegal immigration invasion If the free ways in California doesn’t have enough troubles with unlicensed drivers the demented Governor has decided to not veto drivers licenses for foreign nationals. Is this the way President Obama and his insidious disciples get his fraudulent votes. Is a drivers license for illegal aliens going to make the drunken driver The highways of the state are becoming logjams every day with Gov. Jerry Brown and his Democratic thrall in the Sacramento assembly must be stark staring crazy when pandering to illegal aliens and lying with a straight face to the Californian tax payers. Illegal aliens have already turned the schools into toilets, because regular American children cannot get a decent education. My son with autism was in a school with 85 percent of foreign nationals, so I removed him and took my family homestead in Indiana, where he gets the attention he desperately needs.


Now this Socialist crumb in the White House, his demented Senate wants to import another 30 million foreigners, which will eventually be elevated to 50-60 million through CHAIN MIGRATION, which taxpayers will carry the financial burden. Yet the majorities of American sits back and wriggle their thumbs, doing nothing. Not speaking up, with consequences that will be unbearable in years to come.

We don’t have enough money in the state and federal coffers, to look after our own impoverished people and we certainly have little attention to the military personal that come back from foreign nations, damaged in many cases beyond repair. Then we have a president and ultra socialist fiends who have stuck us with Obamacare, which is beginning to stifle our health care system, the Medicare system and sending thousands of medical practitioners out of the industry. I am just as much to blame for voting for this political marionette of the Liberal-Democrats who have already placed us in a rising federal deficit of over 17 Trillion dollars and climbing, with a little help from the GOP. Because of both political parties we really have no immigration enforcement, beginning with the amnesty in 1986.



Both parties refuse to make illegal entry into our country a FELONY, they have intentional failed to give harsh penalties to businesses that hire foreign workers. Ask those morons in Washington, why place 20000 more Border Patrol officers on the border, when half should be deployed to business audits, as part of ICE. With only 5000 agents to check the records of companies in the U.S. which is where real enforcement come down on dishonest employers. They have stayed non-committal on bring to a halt the “Anchor Baby” syndrome, that lays upon American taxpayers hundreds of billions annually in welfare payment, health care and other entitlements through as I see it—illegal BIRTHRIGHT LAWS, stretching back to the Civil War emancipation of slaves, and NOT FOR THE CHILDREN/ BABIES of pregnant mothers who slip through borders or remain undetectable when arriving on a plane.

It’s a sad situation when we cannot trust the majority in either the GOP or the left who want the cheap votes or want the cheap labor. They disguise the millions of Americans just surviving, but still import agricultural workers, and others with hardly any visa caps.

Don’t let these demented politicians get away with these disgusting lies and rhetoric anymore. See what you can do. Join the grassroots organizations as the TEA PARTY; millions are and forever growing. People are sick and frustrated, with politicians lining their pockets with Special Interest money. Join Numbersusa.com, americanpatrol.com judicialwatch.org, TEA PARTY.ORG and many other groups that are for the ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, not for supporting another illegal immigration invasion as last time.

California is in a Depression—Real Unemployment Over 14%–Debt/Deficit of $132 Billion—Happy Talk From Brown and Democrats “all good”

By Stephen Frank on 09/11/2013, wrote in California News and Views.

Happy talk from Guv Brown claiming we have a balanced budget, based on cap and trade money, higher taxes, stealing from Trust Funds and refusing to pay back $132 billion in deficit and debt.  Everybody seems happy with a majority of new hires in the State being part time low pay/no benefit.  Just the other day Trader Joes announced they are withdrawing health care benefits for their part time workers—meaning those folks will be forced to pay for low quality/high cost government approved health care.want minimum wage modern slavery and its very successful and gaining ground at an alarming rate. They think they can

California cities are being forced to declare bankruptcy due to unsustainable pension costs.  The State is taking tens of millions from cash strapped cities—to help “create” a balanced budget/ Happy Talk does not pay the bills.  How are they selling it—via $3 million from the Feds and a two hour movie starring Hanoi Jane Fonda.

“A more positive story about California is being put together by two state universities and others, using a $3 million National Science Foundation grant.

The California Environmental Legacy Project’s most ambitious effort to date is “Becoming California,” a two-hour documentary narrated by actress Jane Fonda. It’s scheduled to air early next year on public television stations throughout the state.


Why of course more foreigners should be brought in and placed under the control of rich men like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. That's how our nation was built!   Cotton doesn't pick itself, you know …

Is there no pity? Why there are days, sometimes even weeks, when Zuckerberg's net worth dips from 11 figures to just 10 figures.


Let me guess, Zuckerberg will recommend ending the corporate income tax, removing immigration barriers to anyone with code writing skills, continued ability to keep massive amounts of funds off shore and untaxed, and the end of privacy protection laws, as way to improve the economy - mostly his own.


@SmoothEdward1 Ironic isn't it. A college dropout funded by daddy's money and alumni, once entitled- always entitled. I await the day that facebook goes away and takes the zuckerbergs  with it.