This Week’s Best Politico Instagram Photos

Note: Despite politicians' best efforts, this does not include photos of hearings, media appearances or pieces of paper

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More political personalities are joining Instagram by the day, using it to engage with voters, record moments in history—and post silly photos of cats wearing sunglasses (we’re looking at you, Issa). This week, White House photographer Pete Souza, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s dog all shared their first shots. Here’s the latest in our occasional roundup of the best Instagram photos from political personalities.

  • Posted by: Chief Official White House Photographer Pete Souza
  • Handle: @petesouza
  • Caption: Pres Obama boards Air Force One
  • Posted by: California Rep. Darrell Issa
  • Handle: @darrellissa
  • Caption: Went and saw the giant Corpse Flower today. It didn’t smell too bad though.
  • Posted by: Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran
  • Handle: @senjerrymoran
  • Caption: It’s an honor to wish Senator Bob Dole a happy birthday today. Americans know the sacrifice Senator Dole made on their behalf during WWII, and every Kansan knows that he’s been there for them every day since. God bless Bob Dole — a true role model for us all. Here, we’re pictured at the WWII Memorial in front of a plaque that was dedicated in his honor.
  • Posted by: Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin
  • Handle: @govpetershumlin
  • Caption: Bringing this year’s garlic in to dry.
  • Posted by: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
  • Handle: @nygovcuomo
  • Caption: At yesterday’s #adkchallenge w/ Mayor Bloomberg#tourism #rafting #Adirondacks
  • Posted by: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal
  • Handle: @bobbyjindal
  • Caption: My wife is a pretty good shot #firstinstagrampost
  • Posted by: First Lady Michelle Obama
  • Handle: @michelleobama
  • Caption: Fresh from the White House Kitchen garden: Radishes, fingerling potatoes, hot peppers and red onions. #GardenGoodness
  • Posted by: Georgia Rep. Tom Graves
  • Handle: @reptomgraves
  • Caption: Riding like a champ back in the day #tbt #dirtbikes#georgiaoutdoors
  • (Note: tbt = Throwback Thursday. See an explanation here.)
  • Posted by: Arizona Sen. John McCain
  • Handle: @senjohnmccain
  • Caption: Old McCain family photo – looking good in those sweaters @cindymccain@meghanmccain@jimmccain!#tbt
  • Posted by: California Rep. Kevin McCarthy
  • Handle: @repkevinmccarthy
  • Caption: The U.S. Majority Whip wishing the #housepfcardsMajority Whip a Happy Birthday
  • Posted by: Mac (ostensible best friend of McCarthy)
  • Handle: @macthewhipdog
  • Caption: #tbt #aussies #canoodlepets Circa 2011

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