Organizing For Action Releases Obamacare Ad

Organizing for Action is spending more than a million dollars on this new ad highlighting the ways the Affordable Care Act already helps Americans

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The former Obama campaign is putting up big bucks to defend the Affordable Care Act this summer, months before President Barack Obama’s signature health care law fully kicks in—and more than three years after it was signed into law.

Known by both supporters and detractors as “Obamacare,” the law remains controversial and unpopular, with Republicans pledging to repeal it in full and Democrats fretting about hiccups—or worse—impacting their electoral chances next year as the law’s health care exchanges begin operations.

The ad highlights the ways the Affordable Care Act is already helping some Americans as part of a “major education campaign” by the issue advocacy group Organizing for Action, founded out of Obama’s 2012 campaign. The group is spending seven-figures on a series of ads, which complement White House and administration efforts to build support for the law.


Once upon a time  this doctor did not have to support a large staff  just to deal with reimbursement   and the receiving  end of that reimbursement are huge costly  agencies be it HMOs  PPO Tricare with CEOs making millions  in salaries offices, perks etc  nor did he have to carry very expensive mal practice insurance. Lets just  cut all that out of the loop and look at countries that do not have these built into  patient care


Time to watch the right wing come out and bash a program they supported when it was their idea, have no viable alternative to now, had no viable alternatives to when it was proposed, and is the result of their refusal to even debate the Public Option that the majority of Americans supported when the Democrat-controlled House passed the bill in 09. 

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A liberal 501c4 gets to use its legitimate voice to advocate an issue. I wonder if Lois Lerner held up Organizing for America's approval for two years? 


I'm sure that three years later the country will now embrace Obamacare because some pro-Obama advocacy group is running some ads, that was the only thing missing. Just watch the approval ratings soar now!!!