Video: President Obama Says No One Is Listening to Your Phone Calls

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In a Friday morning press conference in San Jose, Calif., President Obama took the stage to respond to criticism about the recently-unmasked phone surveillance program. The leaked court order sparked widespread privacy concerns and rapid-fire questions about the breadth of the program, forcing the executive branch on the defensive. Obama defended the National Security Agency’s power to collect mobile phone data, stressing that it’s solely for counter-terrorism purposes.

President Obama stressed the balance between security and freedom, explaining that the onus for oversight of the program is on Congress.

Obama was firm in highlighting that the NSA phone surveillance initiative is not a “Big Brother” program, incorporating “metadata” such as call time and location but involving no actual listening to

Video from 2005 of then-Senator Barack Obama criticizing the Patriot Act.


It was a senate cloture vote on HR 3199, an extension of the Patriot Act which was first passed immediately after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001:
Vote to invoke cloture on a conference report that extends the authority of the FBI to conduct "roving wiretaps" and access business records. Voting YES would recommend, in effect, that the PATRIOT Act be extended through December 31, 2009, and would makes the provisions of the PATRIOT Act permanent. Voting NO would extend debate further, which would have the effect of NOT extending the PATRIOT Act's wiretap provision.
In 2005, Obama voted "No" to extending the wiretap provisions of the Patriot Act. This was months after a series of articles in the New York Times which brought the warrantless wiretaps to light. At the time, the Bush Administration had used the provisions for data mining of calls made to countries such as Pakistan and Yemen.


Maxine Waters: Organizers of America is spying on Americans.

"The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life,” Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday. “That’s going to be very, very powerful,” Waters said. “That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.” – Maxine Waters

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