Jay Newton-Small on the Oklahoma Tragedy

TIME's Jay Newton-Small reports from Oklahoma on the tornado tragedy.

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On Morning Joe, TIME’s Jay Newton-Small reports from Oklahoma on the tornado tragedy. She discusses the 16 minutes parents had to get their children to safety, from when sirens first alerted Moore residents to when the tornado touched down.


Ah, me- no GOP elected official goeth alone on a path towards fiscal prudence...not even when this Natural Disaster underscores the necessary prudence of raising revenue to rebuild Oklahoma. 

Reduced to its essence, Sen. Ted Cruz' recent budgetary sentiments expressed (see, http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/25/us/politics/approach-to-debt-widens-rift-among-gop-senators.html?hp&_r=0 ) may be aptly summarized as "we are NOT putting the People's interest over mere partisan posturing", i.e., the "fiction" of the latter provides the pretext to advance the special interests' "no new revenue, ever" paid-for GOP agenda...consequences to the US be damned. 

It is just a veiled ploy by the GOP's Foreign special interests/campaign contributors to WEAKEN the US dollar and erode our ability to provide the social infrastructure to compete in the global economy.

Treasonous, even.

There is no logic in their "no new tax revenue, under any circumstances," much less reason.

"I used to be fairly poor, as poor goes; since I lost the brindle cat,

The rats come up and peer right into the pot." - Han Shan