Morning Must Reads: May 21

In the news: the Oklahoma tornado, Apple, IRS scam, a Bain liberal SuperPAC, and the Benghazi official who lost his job speaks out

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • Oklahoma City tornado kills 24
  • Apple paid no corporate income tax to any national government on tens of billions of dollars in income over the past four years, a Senate investigation found
  • David Brooks‘ Google study: Over the past century we have increasingly used words associated with individualism and demoralization
  • White House account on IRS scam over time
    • Treasury Secretary Jack Lew heads to the Senate today. Here are 4 non-IRS questions for him
  • A top liberal SuperPAC in the 2012 election had undisclosed financial ties to the private equity firm Bain Capital
  • Raymond Maxwell, the only official at the State Department’s bureau of Near Eastern Affairs to lose his job after the attacks, speaks out
  • Stephen Colbert‘s UVA commencement speech