Morning Must Reads: April 29

In the news: Syria, Medicare, natural gas, Bob Goodlatte, Anthony Foxx, Kosovo, Google, and the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • Syria’s Prime Minister escaped an assassination attempt.
  • Health Quality Partners enrolls Medicare patients, including at least one with a chronic illness, and sends a trained nurse to see them every week, or every month, whether they’re healthy or sick. It improved patient outcomes while cutting costs, but Medicare is shutting down the program in June.
  • Why Obamacare won’t be a “train wreck.”
  • Charles Mann: Natural gas “could be a useful crutch. But only if we have the wit to know that we will soon have to lay it down.”
  • Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte may slow down the immigration reform debate.
  • President Obama will nominate today Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to be his next Secretary of Transportation.
  • Kosovo’s leaders like Hashim Thaci have been accused of grotesque war crimes. But can anyone prove it?
  • Legislation is being prepared that would pressure companies such as Face­book and Google to enable law enforcement officials to intercept online communications as they occur.
  • Watch some of the highlights from this weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.