Morning Must Reads: April 26

In the news: the red line and Syria, huge garment factory in Bagladesh collapses, George W. Bush's supporters rise, and Mike Allen

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • Do intel reports suggesting Syria has used chemical weapons against its own people force the US to cross the “red line” into war? TIME’s Mark Thompson says, “Obama finds himself in a pickle: if he does nothing, some will say Assad is pushing him around. If he orders an attack, he’s likely only to degrade, not destroy, Syria’s chemical weapons. Assuming, of course, that U.S. intelligence knows where they are.” Thompson points out we’ve gone into Vietnam, Sudan and Iraq with poor intel.
  • Multistory garment factory collapses in Bangladesh’s capital, killing around 300, according to the latest figures, and injuring more than 1,200.
  • Why isn’t the rest of Asia scared of China?
  • George W. Bush’s positive legacy
  • Paul Krugman: Austerity is the 1 percent’s economic philosophy
  • Bill Clinton‘s unused 1995 White House Correspondents Dinner Speech
  • Mike Allen talks alot about Mike Allen in Politico’s latest “Behind the Curtain.”