Morning Must Reads: March 12

In the news: North Korea, sugary drinks, Palin's Christmas book, Obama at the Hill, Ryan's new budget plan, and the next pope.

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • War Drums Along the 38th Parallel
  • Paul Ryan’s latest new plan to balance the budget by 2023 with no new taxes. He will introduce the plan to Congress today.
  • Cardinals search for a new pope.
  • Grim Detroit
  • Senate Judiciary weighs three gun control bills
  • New Washington Post/ABC poll: country split on whether to trust Obama or GOP on gun control issues. 57% support assault weapons ban and 91% approve extending background checks to gun show purchases.
  • Shift from military to CIA in Iraq.
  • In “Second Term U-Turn,” Obama heads to the Hill. He will meet with Senate Democrats on Tuesday, House Republicans on Wednesday and then Senate Republicans and House Democrats in separate meetings on Thursday.
  • Supersize Me: A New York Supreme Court judge overturned Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on the sale of supersized sugary drinks in New York City restaurants and other venues.
  • Sarah Palin is writing a book about Christmas.