Morning Must Reads: February 26

In the news today: "shy" NRA chief Wayne LaPierre, immigration reform talks, Italy's meltdown, gun control breakdown, and dozens of Republicans tell Supreme Court gay people have a constitutional right to marry.

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

  • Can Eric Cantor, the Republican Majority Leader, redeem his party and himself?
  • Profile of “shy” NRA leader Wayne LaPierre.
  • Sen. Lindsey Graham: sequester will happen. Ezra Klein doesn’t understand why.
  • Obama invites Sen. Graham and John McCain to discuss immigration reform.
  • Dozens of prominent Republicans, including John Huntsman, will send a legal brief to the Supreme Court arguing that gay people have a constitutional right to marry.  The SC is considering a suit against California’s Prop 8 barring same-sex marriage.
  • Obama gun control agenda likely to be broken into pieces by Senate.
  • As Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi rises, Dow and Euro fall.
  • Washington Post discusses Steven Brill’s TIME cover story.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama announced the Oscars’ Best Picture. Is that her role?