TIME’s Mark Thompson on Obama’s Defense Secretary Debacle

PBS NewsHour invites TIME's Mark Thompson to explain the debacle surrounding Chuck Hagel, Obama's nominee for Defense Secretary.

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PBS NewsHour invited TIME’s Mark Thompson to explain President Obama’s Defense Secretary debacle.  Yesterday, Chuck Hagel’s nomination was delayed when Senate Republicans called for a filibuster.  Outgoing secretary Leon Panetta, due to leave his post February 14th, will stay until his successor is confirmed.   Thompson joined Margaret Warner of PBS and Public Radio International’s Todd Zwillich.

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It's a debacle because Republicans have turned it into a debacle, And they will keep doing this garbage as long as so-called journalists like those at Time let them get away with it. No wonder the Time Warner people would like nothing more than to dump this brand. What a waste of space.


There's really only one explanation but most journalists will tip toe around what is simply naked partisan stupidity.