Jose Antonio Vargas’ Emotional Senate Testimony

Vargas offered himself up as a public example of what it means to be a person often called "illegal" living in America.

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You know the scene in the movie, where the guy (it’s usually a guy) comes before the Senate committee and delivers a rising monologue. By the end, Senator so-and-so is banging his gavel, and flash bulbs are going off, and the gallery is in chaos. Well, in all my years covering this stuff, I’ve never seen it happen in real life, and not just because the photographers don’t use those old fashioned flashbulbs anymore.

But on Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Jose Antonio Vargas took a shot at making a Senate hearing more than just Senate hearing, overcoming terrible production values with an emotional appeal. Vargas is a former campaign reporter colleague of mine, who wrote a cover story for TIME last year about his new life as an activist fighting for a path to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million undocumented Americans, including himself. He is also a fine writer, and he came to the hearing to do what he has been doing for the last couple years, to offer himself up as a public example of what it means to be a person often called “illegal” living in America.

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CharlesWooley 1 Like

send them back to mexico ,if it'd been me to break the law ,i'd be in jail ,they are no differant ,they can go through the lagal procrss to become lagally here just like everyone else does ,comprenda ,wait your turn in line!!!!!

LanceJohnson 1 Like

Let’s face it, this immigration thing is a 20th century issue that has slopped over into the 21st century. The time has come to finally resolve it in an intelligent fashion, as three-fourths of Americans favor and Obama will confront head-on. An interesting new worldwide book/ebook that helps explain the role, struggles, and contributions of immigrants and minorities is "What Foreigners Need To Know About America From A To Z: How to understand crazy American culture, people, government, business, language and more.” It paints a revealing picture of America for those who will benefit from a better understanding. Endorsed by ambassadors, educators, and editors, it compares us to other nations on many issues.In describing America, chapter after chapter identifies “foreigners” who became successful in the US and contributed to our society. However, most struggle in their efforts and need guidance in Anytown, USA. Perhaps intelligent immigration reform, White House-Congress cooperation, concerned citizens and books like this can extend a helping hand, a hand that has been the cornerstone of America for four hundred years.

KevinGroenhagen 2 Like

He can cry all he wants. He still came here illegally. My wife's sister came to the U.S. three years and did so legally. It was a 10-year process that required interviews, fees, and a great deal of paperwork, including an affidavit of support to ensure that she would not be on welfare when she arrived here. How is it fair for someone like her to wait in line for 10 years, while hundreds of thousands cut in line during her wait and came here illegally?

likeadreamer478 1 Like

@KevinGroenhagenYour sister despite doing it the "right" way, she didn't have to wait for 10 years to begin with. Don't try to justify the hurdle of what your sister came through, it still doesn't make it right. The system is still broken. There are many aspects you cant see on how broken the system is. One of which is your conceited Self-righteousness. It's like saying, hey guys: I waited for my drivers license in the DMV for 5 years. It's unfair the new guys are getting their driver licenses faster. Instead of being BITTER. Encourage, and be happy for others and a broken system is amended. 


theres no excuse for willful violations of the law 


@likeadreamer478 @KevinGroenhagen Yu don't know what you're talking about, Skippy.

MrObvious 1 Like

@KevinGroenhagen @likeadreamer478 

I think you do better in thinking about what Jesus said about the lost son. It's not about doing all the right things - it's about what's right. And this can all be accomplished by working to fix what's broken without the need for a pissing contest about who's the better person. None of it'll change what's wrong with the system nor what to do with these so called illegal immigrants who do everything right in their communities.