Morning Must Reads

In the news: burning cabins, Jack Lew, fracking, SOTU, and free preschool.

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  • The economic, demographic, and political state of the union, in charts
  • Obama’s State of the Union speech last night is an example of “government activism in the age of yawning deficits.” Here’s the speech cut down to 3 minutes.
  • Minimum wage debate renewed after Obama’s call to raise the federal limit from $7.25 to $9
  • Ex-LAPD officer and Navy reserve lieutenant, Christopher Dorner, expected to be identified as the man in a burned cabin.  Dorner is accused of going on a revenge-fueled murder spree following his firing by the LAPD several years ago.
  • Top 10 candidates to be the next pope.
  • Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew will appear before the Senate Finance Committee today.
  • 5 House Republicans key on immigration reform.
  • All you need to know about the fracking debate
  • Free preschool?