Morning Must Reads

In the news: drones, Sen. Rubio, and Sen. Menendez's slide

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  • The Freedom of Information Act hasn’t helped journalists shed light on Obama’s drone programs.
  • The White House will allow, however, the two congressional intelligence committees to see the drone memos
  • Why Congress should have had oversight over the drone program in the first place.
  • 10 things this week’s CBO report tells us about the nation’s finances.
  • David Ignatius discusses why America is back, while Daniel Henniger discusses why America has a case of “imperial overstretch.”
  • Mendendez saga continues.
  • Prettier in Print: This week’s TIME cover story is on Marco Rubio, a freshman senator that the Republican Party hopes can revive the party.
    • Michael Grunwald sat down with Rubio and discusses his evolving views on immigration reform as he weighs his background and beliefs.  TIME’s photo editors bring you to Rubio’s most memorable moments here.
    • David Von Drehle interviews Kris Kobach, the mastermind behind Arizona’s controversial immigration law.
    • NYC Mayor Bloomberg on the passing of ex-NYC mayor Ed Koch.
    • Fareed Zakaria on how Obama should get moderate reform on immigration, gun control, energy policy, and the budget.
    • Blood for oil: Iraq civil war may ensue as Baghdad wants Kurds’ oil
  • Will Sen. McCain vote for Hagel for Secretary of Defense?
  • Rubio to give first bilingual GOP response to the State of the Union next Tuesday
  • Sen. Rand Paul‘s foreign policy vision doesn’t impress conservative commentator Jennifer Rubin
  • Palin and Dick Morris out, Scott Brown in at Fox?