“Inside Obama’s Presidency” with Michael Grunwald, Part 2

In a live discussion starting at 11:30a.m., TIME's Michael Grunwald will join panelists from the Atlantic, New York Times, Guardian, Slate, and PBS to discuss Obama's second-term agenda.

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Part 2 of Inside Obama’s Presidency with PBS FRONTLINE will begin at 11:30am.  The discussion today will look ahead to the second-term agenda: What will it be? What is achievable? How will the lessons of the past four years inform the president’s approach to the next four years?  The conversation will continue with TIME’s Michael Grunwald; James Fallows from The Atlantic; Peter Baker, New York Times; Heidi Moore, The Guardian; David Weigel, Slate; and Christina Bellantoni from PBS NewsHour.

Watch the live discussion below:

Part 1 of Inside Obama’s Presidency takes a look back over the past four years and tackles the question, “Is Obama truly a transformative President?” You can find Part 1 here.