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I Have Seen the Future…

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We’ve now had two significant bipartisan votes in the House–to raise taxes and to provide storm relief┬ápost-Sandy. I see a third one on the horizon, and a fourth.

In both cases, a minority of Republicans joined a majority of Democrats to do the right thing. I suspect that this is precisely what we’re going to see on the debt ceiling, especially given the lobbying by huge Republican funders–like the Koch Brothers–in opposition to the Republican plan to sabotage the good faith and credit of the United States. I think a broader version of this same coalition will pass significant immigration reform this year.

With the Republican majority in the House down to 35, all you need is 18 or so GOP members to switch sides to get legislation passed. If the Democrats are not foolish–a big if–if they agree to take a serious look at entitlement and tax reform, we may actually see the perpetual logjam exploded and some real progress made.